Collection: Black Queer Love Collection

February is Black History Month and this year I wanted to celebrate a love. A specific love that i've been yearning for years. A deep rich love with someone that validates my identity and brings me the sweet peace of familiarity. I wanted to celebrate Black Queer Love. 

I worked with Artist Thomarya (Tee) Fergus on this and she perfectly created a design that embodies Black Queer love and its complexities.

More about Tee

Thomarya “Tee” Fergus is a multi-dimensional artist currently based in Toronto, ON. Tee uses painting & illustrations, tattoo artistry, photography and fashion to communicate with global audiences. She incorporates a range of mediums in her creative practice including large and small-scale canvas, textiles, and digital and analog photography. Born on the island of St.Vincent, Tee has been painting since 2009 and tattooing since 2007, carving out a style of her own that leaves a unique and colourful fingerprint on the world. Tee’s work is influenced by her reverence for the land, travel, and a deep commitment to healing the human condition through colour and texture. Tee has continually broken barriers in the tattoo industry, bridging gaps with her intersectional lens and shifting the culture to one that is inclusionary and safe for people of colour. As a self-taught artist, Tee incorporates detailed line work into her pieces, an ode to the universal threads
that connect us all.

When I think about the complexities of being queer and black I'm reminded of this poem.

My Lover Is a Woman By Pat Parker my lover is a woman & when i hold her feel her warmth      i feel good      feel safethen—i never think of my family’s voices never hear my sisters say bulldaggers, queers, funny      come see us, but don’t      bring your friends           it’s ok with us,           but don’t tell mama           it’d break her heart never feel my father turn in his grave never hear my mother cry Lord, what kind of child is this?

I grew up in a Caribbean household to two very religious parents. When discovering my identity I always thought " Lord, what kind of child is this?" With this design and the Tee's attention to detail you can see that every unique stroke and negative space tells a story. I hope this collection resonates with you aswell.

-Marisa Rosa Grant

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