Strapped began as a monthly party in Toronto back in August 2019. It came to exist due to a lack of spaces for Queer women in Toronto. Founder Marisa wanted to bring it back so they teamed up with DJ Ace Dillinger to create not just a party but an experience. Ace brings the sound and vibe while Marisa creates the theme and concept. Each month Strapped delivers a safe space for queer women and non binary folx with a heavy focus on reaching people of colour. Our goal is to always create a party experience that leaves guest feeling sexy, empowered and accepted.


If you ever wanted to make something happen Marisa is the person to do it! Marisa started the party STRAPPED with no guidance; just drive and ambition. They wanted to make the party of their dreams come to life. This Queer event producer has been creating events and workshops for the past 3 years with great success. Their goal is to always make spaces inclusive to queer people of colour and is willing to do the necessary work to create that.

Resident DJ

Amidst the Toronto music scene, lays a world of creative individuals who are transcending the experience of nightlife sound, Ace Dillinger is one of them. Her knack for story telling that is prevalent in her mixes. With events like PRIDE, NXNE,

Toronto Fashion Week, JERK and MOONSHINE under her belt, and new party STRAPPED, she’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.


Our precious Sweeties are the first face you see at our events! 

They spread awareness of the Brand and keep our spaces safe. They have a wide range of tasks that include and are not limited to modelling merch, working and greeting guests at the door, photography, providing input on making the events better, offering assistance where needed.