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The Strap House - Paddy Cake - MARCH 18

The Strap House - Paddy Cake - MARCH 18

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The Strap House Presents: Paddy Cake!

Get Lucky with us!

***21+ event***

This is not a burlesque show! This is a real $trip Club for women, non-binary, and trans men. Attendees are expected to tip and support the bar for allowing us in the space.

Things to note!

The 🏧 in the space has a 20% fee for withdrawals. We encourage you to take out cash ahead of time!

🤑💸Ready to make it rain? $1US bills are on sale during the event in bundles of 10 for $15 CAD. We ONLY accept Canadian Currency and DO NOT break larger US bills in exchange for US $1 bills. Please arrive early to get yours as we sell out by 10 PM.

🚪 Need a little privacy? Dive into your desires and get some alone time with your fave dancers in our private rooms.

📷 No Cameras, Just Memories:

To ensure your privacy and the performers' comfort we ask that you refrain from using your cellphone while inside the club. Taking photos or videos of the performances will have you escorted out of the event.

🌮Hungry? Tucked away from the stage there is an entire restaurant with a variety of delicious food and snacks for very affordable prices!

🕺 During the intermission you can spend some one on one time with your fave dancers or take the stage and show us your moves! We end the night off with a dance party featuring a special guest DJ! 

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