12 Stay-At-Home Valentines Day Ideas!

By Ashleigh-Rae ThomasAshleigh-Rae 
Excerpt by Marisa Rosa Grant

Valentine is coming! Where's ya boyfriend? Who needs one! 2021 is the year of you! Treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it! Check out these 12 sweet ideas to have a great Valentines Day while staying home! 

  1. Buy a mixology kit. You know you’ve been drinking basically every day since the pandemic started. Why not learn how to make some of the cocktails that you miss?
  2. Learn how to roll a joint. Stop asking your roommate to do it for you. Seriously, just teach yourself. 
    rolling a joint
  3. Have your own paint and sip. The dollar store has cheap canvases, paint, and brushes. Grab some wine and follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial. Vulva painting
  4. Spoil yourself to a luxurious night in. I’m talking eucalyptus over the shower, bath bombs, and those bamboo trays that you place across the bathtub. And a drink, of course.
  5. Practice life drawing with the East London Stripper’s Collective. You’ve seen it on TV, where a room full of artists draw an artfully posed model. Well, you can do this from the comfort of your own home! You’re the artist, the model is the lovely Queen Enshantay. The second of three STRAPPED events scheduled for February. 
  6. Have a movie marathon. Who says watching all the Harry Potter movies isn't romantic?
    netflix harry potter
  7. Try out some new sex toys. You've always been curious about butt stuff, so why not? Check out our pals at Come As You Are Co. they'll hook you up!
  8. Attend a Black, queer porn festival. Watch adult films and support a good cause, as ticket sales go straight to Maggie’s Black SW Emergency Survival Fund. This is one of three STRAPPED events that supports Maggie’s!
  9. Plan a virtual galentine’s day. Chances are your girls are missing you, so why not drink, play virtual board games, and catch up over Zoom?
  10. Go to a virtual strip tease. Clubs may be closed, but the STRAPHOUSE is always there to put on a virtual show. This is the third event in the STRAPPED Valentine’s Day series, supporting Maggie’s. 
  11. Two words: comfort food. Order something that you’d never usually get. Either because it’s too expensive, or extravagant, or whatever the case may be! This day is all about you
  12. Get yourself flowers! Who says you can’t have a bouquet just for the sake of it?Flowers in face

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