Photo by Roya Del Sol

By Ashleigh-Rae Thomas 

Photos by Roya Del Sol

Why shop at Amazon when Strapped has your holigay’s covered? There’s something for every-homo on the Strapped website. Check out our top 10 Holigay gifts presented by Strapped.

Toronto Dick Candles presents the Strap candle. Bath and Bodyworks has nothing on our candlestick dicks. Veins included ;)
Get one for $20!

Photo by Roya Del Sol



Make your inner emo/goth babe happy with this heart shaped, pleather choker, in either red or black. It even has a reflective Strapped logo on the back.

Get one for $15


Photo by Roya Del Sol




Picture this, you’re in the club (once we’re finally allowed to club again) and you’re making eyes with someone. No conversation needed, they spot your Freak choker and know exactly what you’re about. You’re welcome. 

Get your Freak on for $15 


Photo By Roya Del Sol



I’m babygirl? 👉🏽👈🏽 Get this for the tenderqueer bbg in your life. Pairs perfectly with our ‘Daddy’ tee.

Get this for $25 


You saw our Babygirl tee, right? Well, this one is for the Daddies of all genders. 

Get this for $25


These pronoun pins speak for they/themselves. Includes ‘Daddy’ and ‘Baby’ pins, because that’s need to know information as well. 

Get a 5 pack for $10


PornHub is out, and StrapHouse is in. Support Strapped and sex workers with our StrapHouse hoodie. 100% of proceeds go directly to supporting black sex workers through our monthly events.

Get the hoodie for $45 or a Tee for $30


Run the gyalaxy with this acid wash tee. Gyal not included

Get it for $35


Photo by Roya Del Sol



Acid wash not your thing? That’s fine, we’ve got a metallic Gyalaxy shirt for your headtop. 

Get it for $35


Photo by Roya Del Sol



Now get your mask, and this tote for this wet...well, you know the rest. 

Get this WAP mask tote for $15

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